Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Many Things!

I have been a pretty busy girl lately. Mostly because I've been making lots of art!! Here is a pic of my bunny in the studio critiquing some work. She has a masters degree in awesome.
I thought I would just show you some things quickly before I make myself an egg sandwich and rush off to work. Pretty soon I need to do some posts on some pretty neat people doing pretty neat work including a new artful couple!

Okay.... here are some things...

I'm just MAD! about these little houses and you can be, too. They are in my shop here. Check out the vintage goodness!

Little Boxes

I have a couple of in-progress things happening in my studio. I have got to put together a crit group so I can get some feedback before I pull these puppies to a close. From looking at these not-great photos can you tell me anything? Suggestions??


Drawing In-Progress

And here is a piece that is actually finished! I think I would like to list it in my shop but I also would like to get prints made so I can sell it cheaply. I'm pretty satisfied with this piece. It's one of the few ones that I've made lately that really feels finished.

The Cemetary

The Cemetary detail

My new favorite color is gold.

Next week I'm going to the SGC printmaking conference in St. Louis. I'm super excited to see printmakers in one place again. Will you be there?

Okay. It's egg sandwich time!


Lauren said...

oh, how I would love a copy of the fourth one down, with all the little houses and bursts of color clouds...

belinda marshall said...

your new work is looking gorgeous!
have a fun weekend :)

Michelle C. Moode said...

you better give every damn person I know-and-love a HIGH-FIVE from me @ SGC. And drink a pint for me too. :)

anna said...

you've got good stuff going on there!! I wish I good go, as far as I know we don't have anything like that going on here.

Tiger Reed said...

It was great to see you at the conference also! Your new work is great, but then again I have always liked it!

Claire said...

You artwork is gorgeous

A Beautiful Party said...

thank you so much!