Saturday, March 5, 2011

yummy scrumptious yummies

When I first started grad school I had some pretty fantastic neighbors living in the apartment below me. They were three boys who loved playing original nintendo. When they first saw my artwork they all agreed that I had to see this game Fantasy Zone 2 for a Sega system. I fell madly in love as I am often prone to do with anything involving rainbows and flower worlds. I would often make the boys play the game while I sat back with my sketchbook and drew these amazing graphics. Now every once in a while I like to bring up images from this game and remember the time when my work looked like video games and electronic music. I would like to get back to that aesthetic again. I just have to find my Daft Punk CD.

Happy Weekend!


Tessa said...

Oh, looks like someone ELSE is into posting video game screen shots now!

But seriously, "Fantasy Zone" is a magical trip. The entire series is just one colorful tsunami...

A Beautiful Party said...

your post definitely inspired me to look these up again!