Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Two Things

First of all, I just finished my first post-grad print. Like a REAL print and not just monoprint or mixed media something or other. I am in an exchange called Unicorn which was a fun theme for my first editioned print.
This is called Forever and it is a screenprint. It was really nice to be back in the studio working. I liked having people around who are always able to give opinions. And loan you mylar when you forget to bring your own...


Forever detail

Also, I just added these snazzy glasses to my shop.

Vintage Glasses

I have some more neat vintage things to add. I will get them in later today. Meanwhile you can see a sneak peak here.

I have a billion and one things to do today including:
plan for a couple of more print exchanges
find a job
call people that I'm nervous about calling (job related)
wash the dishes that I'm pretty sure my boyfriend expects me to wash
work out (already did it! just nice to know something is crossed off.)
return a dress to target.

i think i'll start by returning the dress. and then i'll sit on facebook for a few hours. and then i will only have time to do one thing. which will probably be the art thing. I have a tendency to avoid the things that make me nervous....

Anyone want to wash my dishes? or offer me a job?

These two things turned into many... Have a great day!!


Tessa said...

I LOVE this print! I'll totally give you cash for it.

anna said...

Same here :S but I did tackle a big part of my to do list. I love your new print!!

Claudia said...

They need to open a forever 31 so we can transition.