Monday, October 24, 2011

Love love love

This weekend I made a new pom pom to add to my growing collection. It's the biggest one I've made so far and I love the color. I need to be making these for my upcoming wedding and storing them flat but I can't help but open them every time! They are so pretty and magical.
Speaking of magical... Have you heard of the Pom Pom Factory? I discovered the site via Pocketful of Dreams which is dreamy and magical as well. Pom Pom Factory is Hong Kong born designer Karen Hsu who now lives in London and creates all pom pom inspired work. You can buy her pom poms here.

I am so tempted to get rid of my furniture and make my living room look like this.
Do you think my bridesmaids would be down with wearing pom pom dresses? They aren't very figure flattering but they are super cute.

I'm in love love love and would work on that factory assembly line any day.


Claudia said...

I am down for some pom pom bridesmaid dresses. I would do that for you.

Quiet Janey!

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

whaaaat? you are getting married? surely you'll let me photograph your wedding?? :-o

Hena Tayeb said...

Pom pom bridesmaid dresses.. lol.. I would have to see that

Lauren said...

oooh these are so luscious!

anna said...

aah love these and that idea of a pom pom factory with everything in candy colours..such a nice fantasy :)

Did you already pick a date?