Monday, October 3, 2011

Calorie-Free Ice Cream Treat

I'm back after a wonderful and long trip home. It was hard to come back to be honest. I feel like I have been a little down on my luck lately but am hoping I brought back with me a new energy that will help me put all the sad and down things behind me. Also what will help me put the sad things behind me? This adorable handmade keychain I received from Claire at Dreams Are Necessary. A while back I sent Claire some stickers after I saw her post on her sticker book. In return she sent me the sweetest ice cream keychain. This gift absolutely made my day. Check out all of Claire's beautiful treats at Clairey Lou Creations. She also really needs your good vibes right now. Her beloved cat Cisco is missing. Please take a moment to send some positive energy her way.
Thank you so much to Claire for making my day brighter. And thank you all for being in this world.


Jamie said...

LOVE IT! maybe I'll buy one similar and we can be keychain twins ;)

Amelia said...

wow, lovely key chain. Thanks for stopping by mine and your sweet offer of joining in with my MA fundraiser! That'd be so cool. I am not euro's I am UK pounds/sterling which I googled and apparently every £1 is $1.50 US dollars - does that help! Or am I confused and being confusing??!! . . . :) I would have emailed you but couldn't find your email address!!


Claire said...

So glad you like it!
And thanks for all the good thoughts