Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Owego flood relief

Sometimes I get so mad at myself for getting so down in the dumps over the silliest things. I have to remind myself how lucky I am and should be grateful for each day. I'm sorry if I sometimes use this as a venue to feel sorry for myself. I have some pretty exciting stuff going on right now that I can tell you more about later. Lets just say that I was feeling some positive vibes from everyone!

I would like to pay that forward and urge you to help with a fundraiser created by Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst. Around the beginning of September her town was struck with a terrible flood. There are photos from the aftermath here. This is a post about the flood. It's truly heartbreaking to see what this town is going through. Abbey has set up this fundraiser to help out with all the damages. Just click the button above and it's really easy to send some money.

I know that it's okay to get down about little things some times but it takes something like this to put that all into perspective. I really admire Abbey for her quick response to this situation and putting everything in motion to help the best way she can. Today I will be grateful and carry that on into the days that come.


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Kristina Clemens said...

What an amazing space your Etsy store is...just had to add it to my faves! =)
Kristina J.