Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yesterday was a super busy day getting errands done.  You know, the boring kind of busy day.  I did get a little crafty finishing up some small projects and started working on a commissioned animal jar piece.  Also! I found a few moments to create a treasury for Etsy.  I haven't done one in so long and I had recently been included in a few so it inspired me to curate my own.  I believe I was looking at gorgeous druzy jewelry when I decided to make this.   If you don't know what a treasury is it is a feature on Etsy where someone can make a page with a theme and feature products from different people's shops. If it's liked well enough it could make the front page!  

The first one is mine.  Click on the image to view the whole thing.  
This one is by my friend Julie.  I love how original this one is.  The colors are nice and soothing.  Click on the image to see more details.

This last one is from a gal named Lauren.  The glitter definitely helped inspire my own treasury.  I'm crazy about that shade of blue right now, too.  Again, click the image to see closely.

If you have an Etsy account and like any of these treasuries please click the admire button. I would love to see one of them (or all of them!) make the front page.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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