Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding Backdrop

This weekend I went to my home town for two wonderful days in a row of wedding showers. I got so many wonderful things! Now I just want to get in my new house and start filling it up. Our poor apartment looks like a Fiestaware warzone.

While I was home my friend Janey and I worked on the backdrop for the wedding ceremony. It is the biggest banner I've ever made! I was nervous about making it because it will hang between two trees and has to be as tall as my super tall fiance. Eeep!

After much hemming and hawing and trying to get Janey to agree to just scrap it because it would be such an undertaking I finally quit being a baby and just did it. Here is our progress:

It's hanging in my bedroom at my parents' home. It's so large, it will be fun to see it hanging upright.
A little over a month and it will be up!

The countdown begins!


johny said...

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Hannah said...

Is it crepe paper? It looks awesome!

A Life So Peachy said...

Lovely! We did a crepe paper backdrop for our photobooth - worked out great, can't wait to see how everythings comes together!