Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I didn't mean to be away for so long. Production seems to have halted in my studio as I have been busy with a wonderful family visit! My Mom and Grandmother came up over the weekend to attend a small family wedding shower. They got to meet several amazing women whose family I will be joining and a couple of spectacular friends! They left Sunday morning and I spent most of the day feeling pretty down in the dumps. I hate that post-party feeling where everyone is gone and you're just alone alone alone again.
But I tried not to spend too much time feeling down. I went to the bookstore and found this handy book in the craft section. I have read how-to guides before in regards to selling online but this one had so many great step-by-step guides with things like editing photos and how to stand out on google. These are just a couple of the things that I feel have been holding my shop back. When I look at other people's shops and blogs they seem so much slicker.

So first thing I did was set to work making a new banner for my etsy shop. I'm pretty excited with this one. I wanted to show off my new animal jars and make it a little more streamlined. I thought about making a new header for my blog but I'm pretty attached to the one I currently have. Maybe I'll just try a re-shoot so it won't be as fuzzy.
The next few days I need to get to work photographing more animal jars for my shop. I wish there was magic glitter I could sprinkle around and suddenly all jars would be photographed, edited and listed. Instead I'll just glue that glitter I have to the insides of the jars and hope I somehow bought a magic kind.

Have a fantastic day today. Pet a puppy if you can.

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