Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Re-Runs

It's Friday so it's time for a rerun blogpost from my past. This is from December 17, 2009. I'm missing my friends Courtney and Cassie today. So read away and have a wonderful wonderful weekend!!

Yesterday's crafting was a success! For those of you wondering about the yarn wreath it's really easy. I had been seeing wreaths like this all over the place lately including the cover of Readymade. I also found this tutorial on Urban Outfitters by Yokoo on how to make a pom pom wreath that is gorgeous!
For our wreaths we just used a bit of glue and lot of yarn. We wrapped the yard around a foam wreath until the foam was gone. Cassie, on the left, crocheted doilies and made pom poms to decorate hers. Mine is in the middle, I striped mine with green and blue and made a couple of pom poms as well. Courtney on the right made a string going from side to side and she plans on hanging letters from it. So crafty!
Here's one more close up of mine. I'm thinking of getting some wooden letters to glue to it. I'm going to give it as a Christmas gift and hopefully make some more before Christmas.
This was the best afternoon I've had in a while. Very fun. Today I have to spend the day running all over trying to finish up in-town business because tomorrow I fly home for the holiday. So much to do!

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