Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dreamy Little Dream

Yesterday I mentioned I was going to a flower shop with a friend. Little did I know the words flower shop were the biggest understatement ever.  Blumen Gardens is quite possibly one of the most magical places in the word.  I cannot believe I have lived here for almost six years and have never visited this place.  

I only had my phone with me but I took as many pics as I could. The staff was super friendly.  They seem to be pretty use to people visiting for the first time and losing any bit of cool they may possibly have (I don't have much but I really did lose it all at the store.).

Take a look at the pics and look them up online

Just in case any of you stopped by to see if I worked in my studio like I said I was going to... well... it's just that... you know, things came up that I hadn't anticipated... I got a late start going to Blumen... I got home later than I thought I would... Pretty Little Liars.... But I have been staring at those pieces of paper with paint on them, that counts for something, right?


robayre said...

yep, yep, yep! I used to work for the MidWeek and we always ran ads for Bloomen Gardens but I had never been. I even lived in Sycamore for a while and still made no effort. It wasn't until I bought my last car that I found it. I was buying the car from an owner and they lived across the street on the small entrance. As I was there I just looked across the street and saw this magical secret garden. Since then I've even attended a bridal shower and wedding reception there. It really is a magical place. I'd like to bring a book and just hang out there.

courtney - larking. said...

If I had lived here when I got married, that's totally where my wedding would have been!