Monday, October 29, 2012

Pop and Lock

I have to confess to you that my walls still look like this:
And even thought I've been trying to tidy up my studio it still looks like this:
But I have been trying to be more introspective lately. I have been drawing in my sketchbook for the first time in a very long time. It's forcing me to slow down and think. I feel like I want to just whip up a new piece of artwork overnight when honestly I don't even know what to make art about anymore. So I did these little drawings and I thought about what they mean.
I've also been going through piles of art that I've started and never finished. The thing about me is I'm always always in the middle of making stuff. I'm just rarely at the end of making stuff. I have numerous pieces of papers with marks on them. I think I lose confidence in my work halfway through and abandon it.
Or else a new idea comes to me and I want to start on it immediately before I resolve the last idea.
I really really just wish I knew what I want to make art about. I have ideas. I'm not completely void of thought. It's just weird to start fresh.
Lately all I want to do is look up videos of the Cosby show featuring all the times someone on the show danced. They were always dancing, that family. I wish I could always make artwork about dancing Cosbies.

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Unknown said...

Why can't you? I made a watercolor of a cosby sweater...and those sweaters had great rhythm, just like their dancing.