Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Paint on Paper

After reading your amazing comments on my last post I finally put some paint on paper.  Ok so it's not much, but it's a start, and far less daunting than seeing two sheets of clean white paper hanging on the wall.  The brown one looks like creepy blood stains, I will definitely be gessoing over that one.

Here's how my studio time went...
9:00 pm: Finally in the studio after watching tv for over an hour.  Look at things on the internet.
9:20 Start cleaning studio.
9:30 Look at internet. Pick out songs on Itunes to play.
9:45  Pet the rabbits for a while.
10:00 Call Claudia, talk for about half an hour. While talking paint ground on paper.
10:35 Go talk to husband and pet the bunnies for a while. 
11:00 Paint on a new sheet of paper.
11:25 Go to bed and read.

It's a start.  I think I need to get my computer out of my studio. It's too easy to get lost in the internet black hole.  Why do I need to look at Birthday Pictures on facebook of someone I don't even know? I think I may put a television in my studio because I like to watch things while I work.  I also like to sing songs at the top of my lungs. Last night I re-visited my lost love of Dave Matthews Band and sang with real conviction like a true teenage girl while I worked. My poor husband.  No, my lucky husband. Free concert.
So today... my plan...
Get off work and go to a flower shop with my friend.
When I get home I HAVE to watch last night's Pretty Little Liars... don't judge me, that show is my jam and it's been on hiatus way tooooo long.
After that I will work the night away and maybe sing all my favorite Hole songs (there are 3).

Anyone want to share their studio schedules? I love how everyone has their own ritual. My printmaking teacher said she always had to have a bouncy ball and she would walk around and play with it during her breaks.  What do you do?


Unknown said...

I like to sing and dance. I find that if I sing while I make art, it usually goes better- maybe it engages some part of my brain. Then I usually bother Bob or he comes and bothers me.

robayre said...

ha! I totally watch pretty little liars IN.MY.STUDIO. lol. it allows me to have something going on in the background while working. Since I'm usually not visually watching it, only listening I might miss a lot, but it's pretty fluffy so no harm done.