Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peace, Love and Jewelry!

I am so excited to share this with you all. One of my sweet childhood friends Jodie and her daughter Kennedy have been working hard on making Kennedy's jewelry design dreams a reality.  The two have spent the last couple of months creating and recently set up a booth in my hometown for their first jewelry sale.  This is so inspiring to me.  I can't wait to have kids of my own and I hope to follow in Jodie's footsteps and encourage my children to follow their dreams.  I did an interview with the two through email. Here is what they had to say.  Jodie's answers will be marked with a J while Kennedy's will have a K.

Jodie and Kennedy

 1. You guys did such an amazing job with your jewelry booth! What made you decide to set up your own booth? How long did you work on jewelry for this?

K:  Well thank you!  I decided to set up my own booth because it's fun making jewelry and I think the jewelry that I make is cool and unique.  J:  A friend of mine suggested that we set up a booth next to her booth, Sparkle Chicks, at Downtown Days and sell some of Kennedy's jewelry.  I was hesitant at first, but after asking Kennedy if she wanted to, which she was super excited about it, I was eager to try it.  K:  We worked on it a little over two months. 

Kennedy's friend Kinley helped at the sale. Check out those fabulous shirts!

The two set up the night before to practice styling their booth.

2.  Kennedy, where did you get your inspiration for the different pieces you made?

K:  Mom brought me back a bracelet from one of her trips and it was made out of coke tabs.  So, I decided I could make one like that but better.  The colors I make things with are in all different colors.  I just pick colors that I think look good together and are pretty. 

3.  You both worked on the jewelry together, did you two enjoy all the mother/daughter bonding time?  Did your brother help with anything?

K:  Yes, we did.  J:  Yes we had a great time making all these pieces together, but it wasn't always easy.  We had a few disagreements from time to time but overall it was such a blessing.  When you work with your child on a project like this you really get to see what's going on in their lives.  It gives you a chance to sit down and really talk about their hopes and dreams in life.  J:  Colin gave us the inspiration for the lego jewelry.  K:  Colin likes to play with Lego's so I just thought we would use them for something more fun; like jewelry!  Colin stayed away from the jewelry.  He said it was to girly.

4.  You two set the booth up in a very beautiful way. Did you both work on styling the booth together?

K:  Yes, mom did most of the work though.   J:  I found lots of ideas from lots of different places.  I wanted it to be displayed in a unique but attractive way.  We used a real shell to display some bracelets on and a faux fur rabbit rug out of Kennedy's doll house to display some necklaces on.  In order to make it look child friendly, we used a brightly colored doll house made out of cardboard, and a cake plate with holes around the base to display earrings on.  We were on a tight budget so I simply looked for things around the house that I thought would work. 

5.  What was the sale like?  I bet people were really excited to see all your work.  How was the day?

K:  It was good.  We sold a lot of stuff.  Lots of my friends stopped by and bought some of my jewelry.  J:  Everyone was so supportive of Kennedy and all her hard work.  It was such a good learning experience.  Kennedy is really shy by nature but this forced her to be more outgoing with strangers.   She learned some basic business concepts and it was a good opportunity to practice her math skills.

6.  Do you think you two will do this again? Any other creative projects in the works?

K:  YES YES YES YES YES cause it was a fun experience!  J:  Well, we are taking what pieces of jewelry we have left to our church's annual "Country Cupboard" this Saturday and we are donating the profits to The United Methodist Women's group.  That's all we have planned for now, but as you can see Kennedy is ready to do more!  

7. What was the best part for each of you while doing this?

K:  Selling the stuff and just experiencing what that was like to sell my jewelry, like a real jewelry designer.  J:  Being able to spend quality time with Kennedy was priceless. I hope one day she will look back on this and realize how much her Mother loves her and how much I was invested in her at such an early age.  Hopefully this will be just one of the many adventures we will go on in life together.

I'll admit I got a a little teary with Jodie's last comment.  This is so sweet and amazing to see a younger gal already so ambitious.  I want to thank both of these crafty and creative ladies for sharing their amazing story!  Thanks, Jodie and Kennedy! 


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