Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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Today I wanted to post some images of art that I love. I'm constantly looking at art and keeping an eye on what's going on in the art world. these are some artists I've really loved over the years, old and new. check it out! and check out their sites, too!

First is painter Squeak Carnwath. She's a West Coast artist who makes beautiful paintings full of color and prints through Tandem Press. Her work helps me think of new ways of setting up compositions. This image is from her website.

My close friends and I all have a love affair with Nan Goldin's photography. It started when one of our friends checked out a book of her work and we couldn't quit passing the book around. Her photos depict people around her; friends, lovers, herself. Nothing feels staged, they all seem very genuine and the viewer gets to feel like a true voyeur. I don't think she has a website but you can learn more about her here.

I discovered Kime Buzzelli's work randomly on myspace.com. She owns Show Pony Boutique in Echo Park, a store as lovely as her work. I've noticed lately that she's been receiving a lot of press for her work lately which is well deserved. This image is from her myspace.

I don't remember how I discovered Amy Morken but I'm so glad I did. Actually, I think it was because of an assignment my undergrad printmaking teacher gave us. We had to look through an Art in America magazine and find an artist to do a paper about. It was her way to get us to look at contemporary artists and I'm glad for that. I love Amy Morken's work. From her color to compositions to characters, there's so much happening. She's represented by the Claire Oliver Gallery and you can see more of her work here where I got this image.

And finally a printmaker. Lisa Bulawsky has been an artist whose work I've been looking at for a long time. She works and teaches in St. Louis. She's an artist who is constantly making work, whether it's two dimensional, video or performance. I've met her a handful of times and I'm always reminded of what a neat person she is. Check out her website and discover for yourself. This image is from her website.

I just realized after collecting all these artists that they are all female artists. That was not intentional and this is only a tiny dent in the list of artists I love. I will make another list soon that will be more male friendly. Happy looking and I hope you're all ready for the holidays!

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Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely artwork with us! I especially love Lisa Bulawsky and Tandem Press -- I love being introduced to new art!
Cheers and Merry times,