Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things to look at People to See

I admit it's been a while since I checked my Flickr account so when I did I was greated with a new contact named Decor8. After looking through the many beautiful photos I discovered my own work! I was featured on Decor8's blog as part of her Etsy Take Five Tuesday! This blog is really great. I was checking it over today and I think there might be a bit of technical difficulties that today's blog explains, but they are working on it. Check out the blog, it's really beautiful.

Something else to report. Tomorrow I'm waking up at four in the morning and am driving 13 hours to Clemson, South Carolina to see my best friend's MFA show. I'm so excited to see her work. She sent the above pic in an email so I could get a sneak preview. Now I'm giving the world a sneak preview....I hope she doesn't mind. I don't think she reads my blog anyway...Pfft. I'm going to be gone all weekend. My travel partner and I will drive straight to Clemson tomorrow night. Saturday we'll drive to Kentucky where my family lives and then Sunday it's back to DeKalb and back to finals week. It's probably a bad time to leave town considering I have critiques next week but it's my BFF. Plus I have a fabulous trashy party dress to wear!

And finally, I promise I will quit begging soon but if you haven't yet, please please please check out papernstitch and maybe vote for me? You just click on my shop and click on the heart next to the above picture. The person with the most votes at the end of the exhibition gets a free month. Also, if you're interested in exhibiting on papernstitch there's a new call for entries right now. Thanks so much in advance!


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Hey congrats being on decor8! It's a great blog!

A Beautiful Party said...

thanks! it was such a nice surprise!

Claudia said...

This post is awesome..for teh record , hot and sour horse is upside down. aww peas.