Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Etsy Feature Wednesday

I'm back from a very long trip. It was a whirlwind. We left Friday and came back Sunday. From Northern Illinois to Clemson, South Carolina and back, with a stop in Kentucky in between. I want to post some pictures on here soon but today is the Etsy feature day and I'm excited to share this artist.

I recently recieved this photograph for my birthday. I love this image so much, it reminds me of Twin Peaks. Last night I was looking closely and realized the name on the back is someone I went to college with. She was a few years ahead of me but was someone whose work I've always admired. And now I have a piece of her work!

Jessica Wolf is an artist based in Cincinnati and her online shop's name is Libellus. She has different kinds of work in her shop including hand-bound books and mixed media prints.

The top picture of the above three is titled The Letter to No One. It's one of my favorite pieces. And the next two are handmade sketchbooks. I love the way she photographs her work.

Check out the shop now and then spend the rest of the day finding your old college classmates on Etsy!

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caroline said...

the scetchbooks are really pretty and i like the simpleness.