Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Boy Art

Today I'm setting aside my usual Etsy feature but it will return soon. I've been looking for some of my favorite male artists to show on here and while doing that I realized there's a completely different sensibility than the work from yesterday. I also found it harder to think of male artists I like and it's not because I'm too hardcore about girl power, I think it's just because the aesthetics that I'm into right now seem to be a little more female-friendly. But these are some artists that make me feel just fine.

This first image is Travis Millard. I ran across his work when I was doing a research project for my printmaking class. I was trying to find images from artists who make monstery creatures and couldn't be more happy to find his work. This image gives me the creeps but I can't quit looking at it. Travis has a great website with lots more great work, that's where I got this image. Check it out here.

Next is Chris Uphues. Over the past year in grad school people have told me during every crit to look at this artist. I do! I look! He's got lots of great drawings but every time I think of him I think of this image. Until I see him in person I will forever think of this image as his self-portrait. Go look at his website for a variety of work. It's where I took this pic!

This next artist is Francesco Clemente. He's an amazing artist who I discovered when I watched Great Expectations in high school. It may sound cheesy but his work in that movie excited me so much about making art. It definitely gave me more of a push into the art world. Since the movie I've discovered more of his great work but my favorite has always been the work from the movie. I wonder if he would hate knowing that?

And an oldie but a goody is Paul Klee. I've loved his work for so long. His aesthetic fits in so well with what's happening now. It makes me wonder what he would be doing if he were alive and young today. I think he'd be a bad ass printmaker and maybe I'd get to meet him at a conference. Wishful thinking?

And finally for today's list...I'm cheating and putting a woman artist. Ida Applebroog has made a lot of different art over the years and this seems to be part of her latest body of work. I love everything she does but for a while I wasn't as crazy about this series. I've really come around to it lately, however because I love how creepy it is. And bizarre. She talks about this work in the Art21 series. If you've never seen those videos check them out for even more amazing artists!

Have a look at these artists. Hopefully you'll discover someone new that makes you as excited as I am.

If you celebrated Christmas, Happy Christmas Eve. If you live in parts of the world where Christmas is today, Merry Christmas. And if you celebrated Festivus than I hope you get out all your grievances! ( ;


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Merry Christmas!!
I also really liked the artist from Great Expectations and always meant to look him up but never have! I will now - thanks for the reminder! I remember sitting in front of the tv and imitating the style...


A Beautiful Party said...

i'm glad i could help! hope you're having happy holidays!

Art Nest said...

Wasn't that movie magical? Great art pics~