Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Yummy Sculptures

Okay, so I have to admit something. I stumbled upon some of this work and read that the artist was Nick Cave. So, I thought it was the singer Nick Cave and was so excited to tell all my Nick Cave Fan Friends that he's a visual artist also. Seriously, I was overeager excited about it. Plus I'm crazy nuts about this artwork. Luckily before I posted on here and made a big deal about Nick Cave making this work I researched a bit more and realized it is not singer/songwriter Nick Cave. I hope the visual artist Cave doesn't have to deal with this mix-up too much.
I'm crazy about this work! I think it would completely frighten me if I saw it in person and that's what makes me like it. I love when work can attract you and make you shudder at the same time.
I also like how decorative and fashiony the top pieces are. They seem like haute couture ghosts. My favorite.
I also love Nick Cave the songwriter. Also attractive and creepy. Doesn't it make sense that I would have thought this was his work?
I got the bottom image from this site. The top image is from this site where Mr. Cave is part of the faculty. There you can also find his resume and more information about his work.

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