Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chicago Trip Scanned

Since the untimely loss of my camera I've been having trouble blogging because I want to show photos of my adventures.  But I realize I can scan the evidence of said adventures and show them that way.  So, without further ado, my trip to Chicago yesterday:

After wanting and hoping for it I finally got to go to the store Uncle Fun.  It's a kooky little store with so many tiny toys and stickers.  It's the things my dreams are made of.  Everything is so cheap and though I could have easily walked out of the store with five of everything I used all my discipline to only pick out a couple of things.  I got a tooth keychain that I've always found charming, the little green dog that my shopping partner picked out only to say it was ugly.  After that comment I felt the need to rescue him and make him mine.  He's not so ugly.  I also got the awesome ghost button and the book of dessert stickers but my favorite item is the sticker of John Taylor from Duran Duran.  They are one of my favorite 80's bands and he was one of my 80's and 90's heartthrob.  Isn't it a dreamy sticker?
I also met a friend at the gallery Kavi Gupta to check out the opening of Clare Rojas' show.  This is the postcard I grabbed but I'm now wishing I bough a catalog. I'm sort of new to Clare Rojas' work.  I only recently discovered it but it's absolutely beautiful. I could have stayed in the gallery all night.  When my friend and I discovered that Clare was actually at the show we were beside ourselves with excitement.  We hung back awkwardly and drank our beer hoping for the courage to talk to her but she was too surrounded and we didn't know what to say so we finally left without saying hello.  Next time... ( :
And perhaps one of the most exciting moments was when I bought this camera.  I had been reading about Holga cameras and luckily I know someone well enough who really knows his stuff when it comes to photography.  After much talking about it and looking at it I found a great little camera shop in Chicago and finally bought my Holga camera.  I immediately took a roll of film yesterday so I'm trying to take my time on my newest roll. I'm enrolled in a photo class next semester and I'm very excited to start exploring this new media. 

I also had a very great meal with some great people but I have nothing left to scan of that.  Just imagine all the greatest tapas on one tables and that's what I had!

My grandparents are not feeling their finest these days so please send a special thought toward them in the universe if you have a second.

Have a happy Sunday!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Those little things you bought at the fun fun store are just about the strangest things I've seen together in one blog post! :-D That's a compliment. I've only looked at a few of those blogs that always post "today's outfit" and blabla perfect purses and shoes and you buy yourself a little tooth.

*good vibes* to your grandparents.

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

glad you got your stuff - and that I made you laugh! yay!