Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pretty Birthday Parties

Thank you to everyone for your nice compliments on my new work.  I've been in quite a rut lately so making and actually FINISHING these pieces have felt nice. And the sweet comments are the icing on the cake.
After a quick bike ride today I came to the studio and finished this new house and got it in my shop.  I call it Pretty Birthday Parties because the image is from this gorgeous photo I have from a family members birthday party.  I don't think you can see my mom in this picture but my uncle is the adorable, smug looking little boy on the left.  I hope you like this new piece and are inspired to have a fancy birthday party.


caroline said...
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caroline said...

he surely was adorable. and i'm very inspired! xx

Cloverleaf08 said...

I love your new pieces especially the birthday party and, of course, the teabags too!