Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Have Such a Pretty Face

So after a very great Memorial Day weekend I decided to make a new home for the shop. This one lives inside a white shadowbox. I realize the picture with the shadowbox (accidently linked whole sentence and don't know how to unlink...!) is sort of atrocious but without a digital camera I've really been relying on the scanner. I thought this would due for now. I really like the house inside the shadowbox. I'm going to try to find homes for my other houses, too. Isn't that funny? Homes for houses?
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend for those of you who celebrate it. Friday night I helped host a yummy cookout with pita pizzas. Cassie from The Adventures of Cassie documented it here if you want to check it out.
Saturday night I went to a tequila tasting at an amazing mexican restaurant in Sycamore, IL and had such a good time with friends and the owner of the restaurant. He was so awesome and genuinely wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy yummy tequila. I drank a little... okay a lot! I have now been educated on good tequila but think I may stick to Miller Lites and the occasional wine.
Sunday was a rest day but Monday was a fun day! I went with my favorite travel companion to the Field Museum in Chicago. We saw a great exhibit about evolution and a very beautiful hall of plants. Alas I was not able to take pictures but maybe I can steal some from my photographing travel mate to show off here. I got to see a triceratops skeleton! Those are my favorite!
Ok enough enough about my weekend.
Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Homes for houses, I like that! Too expensive? Heck no, for an original!?!

About your comment - that my photographs make the world seem magical - that's about the nicest thing I've ever heard!!!

CassieMarie said...

you can steal my photos and claim them as your own! :)