Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green houses

I've never had a green thumb. I've killed several harmless cacti in my day. But I love the idea of a beautiful garden and I've always been attracted to green houses. Since it's a beautiful day here I thought I would share some interesting pictures of green houses. I hope to have a garden one day. I wan to grow roses that climb up the wall. I also love succulents. I don't think could grow here but maybe I'll move away and be able to grow them. They are so beautiful and a little enchanting.
I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures!


Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

wow, the second one would be like having your own jungle! Under controlled circumstances ;)

I go straight for the dead flowers. Today I picked up two bunches of sad looking flowers at the grocery store and asked if I could have them at half off (they were already on sale). When I explained they were for photography, super market guy looked a little less concerned :D

Strangely enough, roses seem to love my apartment. I mean, I have a couple of planted small rose bushes which have lived through a lot.

Unknown said...

greenhouses are a great source of positive energy. i volunteer at a nice size community greenhouse and i love it. i have some photos on my blog that i shot there check them out when you get a chance. thanks for sharing.

into the trees said...

that last photo made my heart sink! fantastic post!