Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Dog Gallery Opens for the Season

Mondays and Wednesdays are the best because I have a little bit of time in the morning to catch up on blogs and make myself a hearty breakfast. This morning I'm having oatmeal with apples and cinnamon and rye toast and hot coffee. Thanks to a certain someone who knows how to cook my breakfasts have upgraded to the hot variety and no longer just the cold cereal and bitter coffee I'm so used to. I can cook now! Just oatmeal, though. Nothing too fancy.

So Thursday night was the first show of the season at the Bad Dog Gallery. Bad Dog is an alternative space in one of the drawing professor's two-car garage. I've mentioned it here before. It's a beautiful space, it doesn't even feel like a garage on the inside.

The first show was called The Dog and Pony Show and it was curated by Nina Rizzo, one of the painting instructors. She wanted people to make work that had a bit of a circus-y theme. This was her poster.
And these are some of the pieces in the show. This is a litho/screenprint by my printmaking instructor Ashley Nason.
This is a litho print by my other printmaking instructor Michael Barnes.
These sculptoral pieces were made by a grad student name Brikena Boci.

This gauche painting was made by my good friend and NIU alum Christian Campos. It's a painting of our friend Jane's dog.
This is Nina's dog Theo looking dapper in his circus-themed outfit.
This is one of a three part mixed media series by painting instructor Katie Kahn.
Oh hey! My work. I printed this digital image out as a 4x7 and then got a lot of crap from people for putting it in a cheap Michaels frame. Next time I'll know better. ( :
This amazing piece is by drawing/painting instructor Geoffrey Todd Smith.
I love this vinyl image of Calvin pissing on praying Calvin by foundations instructor Ben Stone.
And you all should know my good friend Joanna by now. She made an outfit for this monkey she found and it is surrounded by fliers for her new etsy shop. As soon as she opens her shop I'll be sure to post it here.
And one last look at Theo in his sparkly cape!


CassieMarie said...

brikena boci


Hope you are having a wonderful morning of hot breakfast bliss.

A Beautiful Party said...

thanks, Cassie. got it edited.

flux biota. said...

I love that Christian painted mr. arkoo. Now he belongs to the ages.