Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yesterday I had one of those days where all the elements were in their proper place. Everything went so smoothly I was almost afraid to think about it too much. It was a perfect day. My class that I'm teaching went so well, I had to present my work twice to two different classes and felt like I did an alright job despite the usual speaking-in-front-of-others jitters, I talked to my Mom and got to hear about how well my family is doing and I was surrounded by amazing people all day. Perfect.
And today... I get today all to myself to be in my studio.
And for you... I discovered this band on the Moldy Doily's website. Kime Buzzelli (who has a write-up in the new Nylon issue...) did the cover art. You've seen her work on here before. The band Chelan has their whole album online free to download. Go! Download it now and have the most perfect day, too.
Now I'm off to make someone special something special to eat.

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Can't find you on Facebook. I added your location to the search field and then tried with your e-mail address like it says on your Facebook badge but it doesn't work. Gah! Perhaps you can just search for my name, although afiori should be there too.