Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This is Why House on the Rock freaks me out.

Click images to enlarge...
These spooky mannequins without faces were in the bathroom. Even the bathroom is creepy.

These mannequins were part of the circus room.

More bathroom spookiness.

These flying angel mannequins were flying over the worlds largest carousel. For whatever silly reason I didn't take a picture of the carousel.
These were rejects from the carousel. The wall were lined with horses.
This room played the nutcracker song... I'm drawing a blank on what the song is called. The sugarplum fairy??

This is my friend being freaked out!
Remember a while back when I posted a video of the music at HotR? this is the room.

This whole squid and whale sculpture is four stories high and probably two-four stories wide. The freakiest part of the day. It's hard to get good pics because it's so large.

Creepfest!!! Porcelain dolls were everywhere.
This charming sculpture was in the squid and whale room.

Japanese gardens outside the house.
Library inside the house.
Creepy music with dragon floating through.
Another creepy music pit in the house. Plays music on it's on.
That's just a little, tiny bit of the creepy awesomeness that is The House on the Rock. If you are ever in Wisconsin you should go go go!


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Oh wow!! That is really freaky! I have GOT to check that out.

Have you read American Gods by Neil Gaiman? The House is featured prominently early in the story...

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

How very, very wonderfully strange!
The first photo would make a great collage. "Rejects from the carousel" sounds so pretty. Band name, novel?

Tessa said...

Oh man, now I REALLY have to go...