Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm pretty excited about what's happening in my studio. Yesterday (technically yesterday, posting this at midnight.) was one of those awesome days where everything felt like it was going right. Even when I was hitting some stumbling blocks I felt pretty confident that I would figure things out.
Here's an image of my studio. I've got to say that acquiring this drawing table has really helped me with my work. I always thought I needed a change of medium but I really just needed a change of... table?
I posted this piece before but this is where it is now. Disregard the blue tape. Because it's in progress I figured I'd show it exactly as is and it's currently being hung with blue tape to my wall. Artists everywhere are cringing. ( :

I find myself using this ribbon image a lot and the reason why is because a friend of mine that passed away used this image in her own work. This symbol for me is a reminder of people, friends, family, those we have here, those we lose. They are all part of my life and are an important part of my work.

This is a collage I made this summer. Because it is framed it was hard to photograph but i think you can get the basic idea. I'll take a better photograph when I remove the frame.
This piece is almost finished but I feel like it needs a little something extra to really make it feel complete. That's why it's still tacked to my studio wall. I figure I'll live with it for a bit until the right thing comes to me.

I'm so happy I have my camera because it's nice for me to keep track of my work this way. Because of the way I work a piece can look so different from one day to the next. I had some more photos of more in progress pieces but they've already changed since early afternoon that I thought there was no sense in sharing.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday! Do something nice for someone and send some good karma out into the world.


carrecis said...

These are really beautiful! I REALLY like them! OH by the way a couple of your links don't work - or it's my computer tricking me again

Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

I love the new work! The complexity, layering and symbolism are terrific. The ribbon is a wonderful tribute... Ah, wish I had large studio space still!

I look forward to seeing your work evolve this semester!