Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feels Good

This post is a little different from my usual blogposts but this has been on my mind lately so I thought I would share. Have you ever listened to NPR's Radiolab? I was listening to a particular podcast and it was so inspiring. I cried a bit (okay, I cry at everything) but felt so good. It seems that every since the healthcare bill passed there has been so much contention in the air. All the anger and threats and scare tactics have been bringing me down down down. I was getting really worried and losing faith in people. The other day I was in my studio listening to the Radiolab episode called The New Normal. The whole episode made me feel so good, it began by asking people if wars will always happen and most were saying yes which was worrisome. But the different segments were about studying animals' behavior and how they were able to change their sometimes violent ways. But the best story was about a small town in Oregon where the first transgendered mayor was elected. I don't want to give away the whole story because Radiolab unfolds it in a beautiful way. What got me was that a small, conservative town could rally around and support this person who doesn't quite fit into their world but they let him fit anyway. Now when I get upset about everything I'm hearing on the news and all the hate and scare tactics I remember this story and know that there is good all over this world and that has to mean something.
You can listen to this episode by clicking on the Radiolab link. On the right side the episodes stream for free. Click The New Normal. It will really lift your spirits.


Adrienne said...

i cried at the penpals episode of This American Life, twice. i listened to it over again and cried even though i knew what happened. oh, NPR, you touch our hearts.

anna said...

I LOVE listening (podcasts, books and so on) while working! I saved the link. I already heard a piece of it, but to completely understand I have to listen more concentrated (because it is in english)

Amelia said...

I love stories of positivity and goodness (human nature has both positive and negative after all!) I can't watch the news anymore because I feel it should be called 'bad' news and it depresses me, which is why I try to focus on things that lift the spirits. Your feelings are such a good indicator of what is going on - no?