Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have some updated photos of my house! I've been working extra hard in the past week to start getting it all pulled together. I have two critiques this week with my professors and I'm more than a little bit nervous. The house still isn't finished yet. I started laying out the faux wood floor but for now it's only temporary until it gets moved to the gallery. Also you may notice the white strip on the wall, I'm missing wallpaper there but that will soon be remedied. This weekend I went with my friend Jessica to buy the furniture. She was helpful because I was being a nervous wreck about it. I knew the furniture could potentially make or break the piece so it had to be perfect. I'm pretty pleased with what I found. Now my biggest challenge is the roof. I don't love it yet. I'm hoping my professors will give me some good advice. My reception is April 22. The countdown is on.
Don't forget my giveaway going on until Monday. Sign up for a chance to win a framed drawing!
To those of you going to SGC this year I'm so bummed out that I don't get to go. Think of my while I'm stuck in my studio.


Amelia said...

wow - it looks amazing! well done you.

I definitely want to enter your give-away so am off to look at that too :)


Anonymous said...

i am loving the 4H talent ribbon

anna said...

Oh that looks absolutely great!! Its a home you want to explore right away!

hannah said...

I love how it's looking so far! That wallpaper is amazing. Good luck with your critiques.

We'll be missing you in Philadelphia.

Claudia said...

I love this.

You are all growd up.