Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please RSVP to my Pity Party

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I'm feeling a little depressy today so indulge me for a sec? Yesterday I was getting myself really worked up and bummed out about some stuff happening that is really unfair. I feel like I'm expected to just smile and say "No, it's fine that that is really unfair and not what was supposed to happen. I won't get upset at all. Thank you." And that is mostly what I did/said. But we all know I secretly went home and cried for a bit and got hurt feelings and everything else that comes with it.
Finally yesterday I remembered what any adult would say to me when I was a little kid and would whine "...but it's not faiiiiiirrrr!!" and their response was always, "life's not fair." Which would usually just cause me to scream and kick and yell longer. But it's true. Life's not fair and you just have to deal with it. I privately screamed and yelled and kicked and I'm still pretty upset but whatever. When I put it in the whole perspective of what people in the world are dealing with I'm still ultimately the three year old child throwing a temper tantrum and no one likes a temper tantrum. So I'll buck it up and deal. Have any unfair situations to share? How do you get through them? Please tell me I'm not the only self-indulgent private temper-tantrum-thrower slash pity-party-haver.
On a less depressy note. Saturday I submitted work to New American Paintings for the first time. It's always been my dream to get into this publication and with the lack of self esteem I've been feeling these days it would really be a nice boost. Could you take a minute to cross your fingers for me? Every little bit helps.
Thank you for allowing this pity party if you are still reading. If you quit reading as soon as you saw the word depressy I totally understand. I'll be back tomorrow with better cheer!


anna said...

I love your self mockery :)a hug for the three year old in you and I'll send a prayer for the publication!

Maria-Thérèse afiori.com said...

oh I'll be a VIP at your Pity Party!

I have very strong opinions about what I consider right and wrong. When I'm treated unfairly - or someone else is - I instantly speak up and try to sort it out. It has cost me jobs (!) but I can't go against what I believe. And you know - that 5-year-old inside you is probably really really right!

caroline said...

I'll happily be a VIP at your PP!

Amelia said...

oh so sorry you are feeling like this. We all have days like this I guess, and it will pass.

I just wanted to pop over and say I GOT THEM TODAY IN THE POST - the beautiful art work from you, and I love them and thank you. I am admiring and taking inspiration - so that cheered me up and I hope you cheer up soon too :)


Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh I say, "That's unfair" too many times. It makes us stronger tho I think. I'll cross my fingers for ya! Good luck on the painting!! =)

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Jennifer Hugon said...

I think we all like to indulge in a little pity party now and again... there's a great quote by Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, but I can't recall it off hand!

Oh I will so have my fingers crossed for you for New American Paintings. It's such a great publication and you would be a great fit! :)