Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Giant Robot!

Guess who's on the cover of this months Giant Robot! It's Matt Furie. I've loved Matt's work ever since I bought my first Boys Club comic. Now I get to stare at this cover at work for at least a month. Unless we sell out. It comes with a free computer game! Tell your wife, tell your kids. I love Matt's charming characters. If you haven't seen the Boys Club comic yet pick up one. It's as kooky and silly as his monstery people.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the great state of Kentucky. My posts may be as spotty as usual or maybe I'll kick it into gear and do some daily posting. Either way, have a great week!


flux biota. said...

furie kicks arse. Have fun in k-town.

Amelia said...

wow - it's strange, I keep coming across comic book art! Fab.