Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Someone Else's Home

Last week I mentioned starting a new regular post where I would photograph someone's home and/or studio. I'm actually following up on that! This plus my Dreamy, Artful Couple regular posting... that makes me feel like I'm starting to be a real blogger! I sent out the call and many responded. I have a lot of studios and/or homes to show you in the coming weeks (months, even!)

The first Studio/Home Chapter begins with Tessa Shackelford. You may know her as Grue, runner of Dumbkat Press. We were in grad school for one year together. As Tessa is entering her second year of grad school she is starting out strong with great collages and woodcuts. See her website here and read her blog here.

In my own low-fi way I interviewed Tessa. I did this as soon as I got to her house by politely asking her to give me a piece of paper and a pen. I did give her a bag of baby carrots (the halloween ones called Scarrots) so it was a pretty fair trade. After I wrote out some questions, or busy work as I like to call it, I had Tessa write down her answers as I went around her house taking photos. This is the end result. She drew a pretty great "butterfinger."
This is Tessa doing her homework.
Tessa's home is filled with amazing, kitschy vintage finds. They are everywhere. I would like to know the number of cats (objects, not the actual animal) she owns. Maybe we could do a joint giveaway if someone guesses correctly. I'll see if it's possible for Tessa to count all the cats.


I gave her that reclining lady cat with the balloons!!


Tessa's boyfriend Josh brews his own beer and they have a pretty handy set-up for it. Josh turned this extra fridge into his own kegarator.
Tessa throws great parties and this always comes in handy. This is the inside. If i was a girl who drank fancier beer than Miller Lite or PBR I would surely be in heaven.
I also met up with Tessa at her studio for a visit. The lighting there was pretty bad so the photos are kind of green. Tessa is making some work. Don't worry she didn't drink those PBRs. I did.
Tons of ephemera for her collages.


Kitsch everywhere!


That is the end of the tour. Please be sure to check out the gift shop!
For more photos of Tessa's place check out my flickr here.


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Ann, I love these new regular features! It's so inspiring to see other artists' work spaces and homes. It's like a sneak peak into their creative mind! And creative couples are the best (slight bias).

Tessa's work is far-out! I just love the twisted vintage feel.

Josh Peter said...

What a fantastic series to start! Love the ceramic deer.

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

OH this is so cool. Love snooping into crafty homes. Guess what, i'm follower 100, congratulations!! Love Posie

anna said...

Peeking into creative homes is the best thing there is :)

A Beautiful Party said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed this post. And thank you so much, Posie Patchwork, for being lucky number 100! I really did not think think this would happen. yay!