Monday, October 18, 2010

Did you hear?

So I'm always the last to know many things in the cool internet world but just in case you are like me and are unaware of most things I want to share this amazing book with you. I first heard about this book coming out forever ago on someone's blog and I bookmarked it and waited and waited for the release date. Meanwhile I never bothered to find out that there is a great blog by Todd Selby that I could have been looking at every day. That blog is here.
So finally the store where I worked got the book and I lusted after it for several weeks until I finally bought it. The Selby Is In Your Place is a wonderful collection of photos of artists, musicians and other great personalities in their homes or studios. The images have really inspired me to get moving and create my owns inspirations. I also think I would like to start going into people's homes and finding their own creative spots. I always adore looking at homes on the outside, now I think it's time I stepped inside. So I would also like to start making that a regular on my blog. Can I photograph your home?

Here are photos that are both from the website and the book.


Jessica Robles said...

youre always welcome to come over and play with our toys and play video games with us! :)

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I find that blog so interesting too! Sometimes I forget about it and then rediscover it again - and that always makes me happy :D

I'd love for you to visit sometime!
You'd be served beautiful, delicious cakes all day long on gorgeous old plates :D
Preferably cakes made by my family ;)