Thursday, October 28, 2010

Remember What is Great

There has been a lot of sadness going on in my town. A few weeks ago a student went missing. She was a freshman art student who was last seen telling her friends she was going for a walk. Over a week later the worst case scenario happened when burned remains of a body were found in the park she was going to. Now it feels as though the whole town is holding it's breath while we wait for answers. We don't know if we will get any answers.

Many people, naturally, are talking about this situation. A lot of people are questioning whether the authorities have done the best they can do while others wonder about their own safety and what can be done to make them feel better about it. All I can think about is that this freshman art student only got a taste of how wonderful it can be to be part of an art community.

Maybe I'm projecting too much and I am completely wrong but for me at least, being the "artsy" one meant never really feeling like I fit in. Many adults would remind me that things would be much better when I got to college. They were right. I finally found my niche. I found people like me who thought like me. For once I didn't feel different anymore. I'm so sad that this girl did not get to fully relish this experience. A family spokesperson for Antinette Keller said that she absolutely loved school. I have thought of that sentence over and over again. I hope that she breathed the same sigh of relief I did when she stepped into her first art class. I hope she was so incredibly happy.

Again, I may be completely projecting my own identity to hers. This sort of thing just hit really close to home. I want to honor her memory by asking all of you to think of things in your life that make you so incredibly happy. You don't want to forget any of it. Place it on your highest shelf.

Love you all.


belinda marshall said...

oh very scary. such a terrible story, can only imagine how you feel there. love your post xx

Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

:( how horrible
but I will take your advice, definitely.

Lauren said...

thank you for this. life is indeed precious, and you speak wisely about realizing what makes you happy. i hold certain things so close to my heart, but it's easily forgotten over measly things. This sort of situation put those small things into perspective.

i hope things start to feel safe soon.

anna said...

So sad & so true..

Amelia said...

I am so terribly sorry to hear this - very, very sad indeed! I feel living in a city so much of this is prevalent, but more horrifying when it's so close to home.

And the strange thing is I've just written a blog post about how happy and at home I feel doing my art MA because I am with other like-minded people doing art and it is amazing. Thanks for the reminder again about how grateful to be.

I hope you get answers and this doesn't happen again.