Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots of Things

Hello hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and really enjoyed Mother's Day. I got to go home for a few days and even though I had to drive back on Mother's Day I still got to spend plenty of time with my Mom. We had lots of fun and did lots of shopping and barely made it back in time to see the Kentucky Derby. Did you watch? I think it's the only sport thing I watch. Probably because it only last a couple of minutes. Any longer and I would be bored bored bored.
Okay, I have several things to show you today. First of all sweet Claire at Nothing Happens Unless We Dream featured me on her blog yesterday in her weekly Monday Etsy Loves roundup. Claire always curates a great page for Etsy stuff. I was honored to be part of such a great collection!

Also yesterday I sponsored Abby from Aesthetic Outburst's latest 20 in 20 project. This necklace is gorgeous and it's not too late to sign up to win it. Just go here.
Last week I did not mention that I went to Art Chicago. I met up with some dear friends, Darren and Cassie, and we explored the whole fair. I had not seen Cassie in about a year and Darren and I don't see each other enough. It was just like the year before when we were constantly going to Chicago to set up for our art show there. It was such a sweet day that I didn't want to end.
But alas it ended and now I have tons of iphone pics and names written down in my sketchbook of artists I love. I want to start sharing these with you here.
The first photo I took at the fair was of Genesis Belanger's sculpture titled Somewhat Stable Indulgence. I love dessert art best of all the art so this piece had me drooling.
Here is a better photo from Genesis's website. Click here to see more work. It was hard finding much info about the artist but I think she is a Brooklyn artists who is currently getting her MFA.

Pretty dreamy stuff.

Last but not least are some photos from my recent trip to a natural history museum. My boyfriend and I were out enjoying a nice summer day when we finally decided to visit the Midwest Museum of Natural History. I have lived here for four years and have never visited this little museum that is right next door to my town. We wondered around and looked at all the taxidermic animals and learned little facts along the way. The basement of the museum is home to many live animals including this huge tortoise! It was such a charming place. If you are near the area consider checking this museum out.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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