Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things I love

Today I'm traveling to my parents' house so I have my Ipod loaded up with at least 8 hours worth of podcasts and a gas tank filled with super expensive gas. My Eat This Don't Eat That book is traveling with me so I can figure out the best junk food to eat on my journey. It says it's a quarter pounder sans cheese at McDonalds is an okay choice so McDonalds here I come. I know I know, I shouldn't admit McDonalds eating in blog world so just pretend that I'm stopping at a Whole Foods somewhere and having a quinoa salad with tofu. ( :
Before I go I just want to share some things I'm currently loving while surfing the internests.

Like discovering my friend Jule's etsy shop. Beautiful art from a beautiful lady!
I also love keeping an eye on my friend Don's shop. He has a new zine coming out that features yours truly. Don may not be a beautiful lady but he's a very dapper young man that makes fantastic stuff!
I'm also pretty smitten by this blog. I first discovered her through her flickr because her name is Eating Ghosts. How can I not be smitten by that?
And a little shameless promotion. I love these little houses and they are still for sale here!
Last but never least, I'm really enjoying watch my friend Hannah as she finishes up her last year of grad school. Her thesis show is sure to be fantastic and hopefully I can get a post about it on here soon with an interview with the lovely Hannah March Campbell Sanders.
Okay, I'm going to fix myself an iced coffee and hit the road. Have a lovely rest of the week and weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there including my very own fantastic mother!!

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