Sunday, May 15, 2011


I didn't blog at all in the tail end of last week so I thought I would do some recapping. I have been taking so many photos lately now that I have some dandy Iphone apps that help my pictures look more interesting. I know I know I'm late to the Iphone app game but at least my pics aren't super yellow and blurry anymore?

Thursday my boyfriend and I got out of town and took a long walk and enjoyed the Springtime sun. On that walk I saw this beautiful statue of foxes.


I was also very much in love with this little explorer sitting on top of a turtle. Behind him is a baby bunny also on the turtle, along for the ride.


After our walk we stopped at a restaurant called Pi Perfection. We tried two different kinds of yummy pizza.


Friday night we went on a double date with one of my best friend couples. After dinner we all went to the little arcade in town. As long as I have lived here I've never been to the arcade. It was so much fun and had a lot of rad old games. So cool and awesome that I have to use the word rad to describe them.


I have Dr. Mario for original Nintendo so I was ready to take on the arcade version...





That's really all I have to show of my weekend as far as pics go. Today I updated my etsy shop with these new prints.

Check out the details here
and here...

Tomorrow I start my new job but more on that another time. I have some great Dreamy, Artful Couples coming up so keep your eyes peeled! (that sounds gross).


Anonymous said...

Hi there how are you?

I was looking at your blog, and I like it and I want to invite you to visit my blog, and if you follow me, I will follow you. I hope to hear from you soon...


Claire said...

I love that first print, so dreamy