Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cozy Sunday

Yesterday's field trip to antique stores was wonderful.  I got a lot of great vintage books and plenty of beautiful threads. If only I knew how to work my sewing machine... I'll post pictures soon of some of the awesome books.
The above picture is a great picture I found of my uncle and many of his friends. It was probably taken in the late 1960s to early 1970s.  It's a perfect photo for halloween. I recently organized a sticker exchange and used that picture as my sticker.  It might have been cheating a bit because I didn't create my own art for the exchange but I love the picture so much. Which one of the trick or treaters would you be for Halloween?
I spent a good part of today designing greeting cards with my work on them.  I ordered a set with Hellcat and Haunted Houses on it.  I'm thinking I will sell them in sets of ten and I may silkscreen a pattern on the envelopes.  That will give it a little extra handcrafted something.  I can't wait to get them in.  Any readers out there have suggestions for prices?
I'm at the studio now so I'm off to draw on manila envelopes.  Have a cozy Sunday!


Geezees Canvas Word and Photo Art said...

great old photo!

afiori said...

The clown dressed in yellow and blue is by far the LEAST scary clown I've ever seen! :) Sweet photo. I hate to say it but I'd probably be the one in the prettiest dress or the princess, which ever had the prettiest outfit.

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A Beautiful Party said...

the clown is my uncle. haha! not scary at all, he looks sad. ( :