Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ETSY Feature Wednesday!

So, I've decided that readers probably don't need to hear about ME and what I'm doing all the time because most times it's usually pretty boring. In order to update regularly but not tell you terribly boring things about myself I'd like to feature an Etsy artist on my site once a week. Hopefully Wednesdays will be the regular days.

I'm kicking off my first Etsy feature with Earthmamahyde. In her shop she makes beautiful up-cycled products from salvaged materials.

This basket is so beautiful and made from a vintage tablecloth. The color is so gorgeous. I love the colors in this basket, too.

Earthmamahyde has a variety of items such as bags, coasters, wine decorators, yoga mats and many other beautiful items. Check out her blogs here and here.

Check out Earthmamahyde and help support handmade craftsters!


earthmama said...

Thank you so much for featuring my items! The pictures are lovely.


A Beautiful Party said...

No problem! Love your work!