Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's Happening in the Studio

Today is a studio day so I've been taking pictures of what's going on.  On my way to the studio I got sidetracked and stopped at Old Navy and Target.  An hour later and a lot less money later I finally got to where I was going.  
The top image is another manilla envelope piece I'm working on.  I'm really conflicted about it because I'm not sure whether it should go on Etsy or if it should be submitted to shows.  It's not finished yet.  I'd like to draw a lot more creatures on it.   We'll see where it is by then.  I have a feeling it may end up on Etsy.
The next two images are one of my desks.  I got organized the other day and took all my markers, pens and pencils and put them in cups on my desk.  I can finally see what I have now!  And the next image is a bunch of monsters.  Are you scared?  I'm going to glue them to grid paper.  It's my goal to have that piece finished by the end of the day.
The last image is the very very beginning of another collage.  I need to start preparing monsters and ghosts for it.
Tomorrow I'm learning how to do pinhole photos.  I'm super excited and have some ideas planned for this new project.  It's going to be spooky.
Hope everyone is having a nice autumn day.   Have a good weekend.


Cassiemarie said...

Submit it to shows!
Did you get those markers at Dick Blick? They are nice!!

Lauren said...

there's something very lovely and touching about your work...the colors, the composition, it gives me that feeling, of stillness and understanding.

thanks for letting me know about it in the etsy forum!