Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cheap Art With Words Spelled Correctly

Between here and facebook I got a lot of great feedback on my DIY haircut. Thanks, guys! I should take a pic of it today now that I've slept on it, the bangs are so unruly! I've got my flat iron warming up.
Yesterday after giving myself a sassy new haircut I finally got around to taking some of my work and getting prints made. It was way easier than I thought it would be so I don't know why I put this off for so long. Now I have prints of my work in my shop for much cheaper prices. Also they come framed! Ready-to-hang cheap art that would brighten up any dull bathroom!
Check it out here.

I'll share an embarrassing story with you. I was about to get another print loaded to my etsy shop when I realized the word I wrote in the print was spelled wrong. I looked it up and hoped possibly there was more than one spelling for it like grey and gray but nope. You only spell it one way. Now I have to fix that drawing and get a new print made. My boyfriend said that's what I get for putting words in my art (he hates text in art, weirdo right?). I also feel it's karma for being so competitive with my family while playing Words With Friends.


anna said...

whaa yes that happened to me too once, good thing you find it out before putting it in your shop. Btw I love (your) text in art :)

Great new haircut. I stared at my kitchen sciccors yesterday, shall I..? My last real haircut was a christmas present.

A Beautiful Party said...

it's always so tempting to cut your own hair, that's why i just went for it. it looks much better than the cuts i gave myself when i was three. ( :