Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Fancy Feathers

Ugh, sorry I was so glum yesterday. I really think I just need the sun to come out. I really hope you'll sign up for the super fancy feathery giveaway. It is going on til Sunday.

Speaking of super fancy feathery... My friend Britt Chamberlin recently started her own business called Small Bull Headdresses. I remember posting a long time ago about how I wished I had long hair so I could weave feathers and flowers into it. Well now I have the person that can do that for me.
On the Small Bull website you will see these sets of different headdress ideas but Britt also works closely with clients to design the exact piece they want. She has tons of beautiful materials to choose from. Be the belle of any ball in one of these gorgeous headdresses.
You can Like Small Bull on Facebook here to learn more about different events. For contact information and to get your specialty headdress ordered go here. If you do order a headdress from Small Bull take a pic of yourself and send it. It would be neat to do a follow-up post with people wearing their own Small Bull piece.

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