Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to make a paper bunny banner.

Phew! I've been busy!
So I figured if I was going to start my own craft party business I need to learn as many crafts as possible. I've been looking online and going through many craft books trying to get ideas. In an old vintage craft book I found a way to make a bunny banner. I have always wondered how people make a row of paper dolls but I always forget to just google it. So imagine my excitement when I finally learned how it's done! It's like learning a magic trick.

I quickly made this long banner to decorate my rabbits play area.
Bunny Banner

Once I learned this magic trick I couldn't stop so I used magazines to make a row of hearts. I decorated my bookshelf with them.
Heart Banner Pendants

On my flickr I have created a how-to set. Maybe this is an old trick but if you're at all like me and never thought to look up how to do this now is your chance to learn! Here are some photos of my demonstration:

Fold ends to meet middle fold.



Cut out the negative space.

Get the full demo and how-to here at my flickr page. I hope this finds you well just in time for Easter!

Oh! and while I was editing photos I also got this new piece up on my flickr page. I'm thinking about putting this in my etsy shop. Or maybe I'll get prints made so I can sell it on the cheap.

Unicorn Crush

Let me know if you make some banners!

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Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

WOW! And whaaaa - you're starting a business??! WOW again!!!!!!! YAY! Speaking about busy - guess who also is super duper busy, very happily so, busy enough to miss such a thing as a friend starting her own business? * crashes onto bed *