Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Molded Heroes

Remember a few posts back when I showed you my "Jem" print I was working on? Well it was made for this show, Molded Heroes. Aurora, IL artist Mike Mancuso curated this amazing show that is based on inspirational toys from childhood. Much of the artwork is a walk down memory lane for anyone that is a product of the 80s and 90s.
Unfortunately I was unable to attend the show last Saturday night but I heard it had a huge turn-out and based on pictures the show looks fantastic.
I took these show shots from the amazing Joanna Goss who was also in the show.
Look at that cake!

It's Jem!
Not only did Mike do all the legwork of getting the show together and hung, he's also being generous enough to put all the artists' prints in his online shop so that he can help everyone sell their work. Take a look at the shop here. These are some of the pieces you can find there.
"Acne Amy" by Becky Mancuso
"Buttercup" by Joanna Goss
"Failure to Launch" by Don Picton
"Teenage Mandala Ninja Turtles" by Mike Mancuso
"First Love" by Ryan Schultz
"Ariel" by Tim Shumate
"Boys Against Girls" set by Jaime Torraco
"Toys Playing Uno" by Darick Maasen
"Kaaaa-Choooooooooow" by Glen O'Neil
Go buy yourself a great piece of art at super affordable prices! Also check out the SixtyBones website for more info!

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