Wednesday, January 9, 2013

George Glass Is Maybe Haunting My House?

What is it about a whistling teapot that makes your home feel like a haunted house? It freaks me out every time. And then there are wind chimes hanging right outside my kitchen window that also make it very foreboding. Throw in the latest Pretty Little Liars episode viewing this morning and my nerves are on edge.

Beyond that I'm down in my studio walking around and eating impossibly long twizzlers and waiting to see if I will actually sit down to paint.  I promise I will. Yesterday I did no work in here despite my New Year's resolution to quit coming home from work and sitting on the couch all night. Last night I was genuinely tired but did I really need to watch three episodes of The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret?  TV seems to be a major theme in my life lately.  Maybe I should make art about that.

I wanted to share this new wonderful thing in my life. My super handy husband build this light box! I am hoping it means I will start taking better pictures for my ETSY shop. You would not believe how hoardery my studio is with all the things I've made that are being seen by no one.  We store it in the basement right next to where I hang my clothes to dry. Yes, those are my team spirit sweatpants.  

 I took a picture of my arrows but need to figure out how to address the short poster board for my larger pieces.  I am always making excuses for why I can't get stuff done.
My rabbits are moving around in their hutch and it always makes me think someone is in the house. I'm going to investigate and then seriously seriously start painting.

Happy Wednesday ( I refuse to say hump day ever.)


robayre said...

I am right there with you 100% about the tv. Before moving in with Matt I didn't have cable at all. Now, we have a TV in just about every room and I feel like it is this horrible magnet that I can not stop being pulled towards. I'm not even really watching things that I'm that interested in either, but usually playing on instagram simultaneously. Ever since moving into our house I feel like I just have not had a draw or pull towards being in my studio. I go in and no matter how long I sit in there I just can't feel passionate or inspired, but instead just want to go in the living room and turn on netflix. I'm trying to not see it as a sign, or think that it is permanent. Most likely it is a symptom of now working 5 days a week and not having an extra day to hang out in my studio. I've been wanting to do a post on this for my blog for a while.
How wide is your light box? I could probably bring you an endroll of newsprint which would allow you to fill the length and have a seemless horizon.
Oh, and the rabbits moving thing... that reminded me about when I lived in my apartment. I would sometimes wake up certain someone was in my apartment or trying to break in. It wasn't until later I realized that when rabbits are afraid they stomp. So my rabbit would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and stomp. Well, one time I woke up when the same thing was happening but knew it was my rabbit and just went back to sleep. Little did I know that my rabbit was afraid because someone was at my door... my best friend (who lived next door) was decorating my front door for my birthday. She heard the rabbit inside stomping and thought I had caught her, peeping through the peep hole. After that then I started worrying that my rabbit sensed danger, and anytime she stomped I was sure someone really was trying to break in.

A Beautiful Party said...

Oh No! that would make me even more paranoid if I thought my rabbit's noise meant potential danger... ( :

I'm so glad to hear you have the same tv problems. Not because I wish it on anyone but it lets me know it's normal and I truly think it will be easy to get a handle on. You always seem like you're doing something all the time. You've inspired me to work harder. Seriously. Thanks for that. ( :