Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Working Hard!

The last few days working at Cracker Jax have been busy ones. I have been on the move and barely stopped to eat lunch.  Once I got my mind made up to do some rearranging it was non-stop until I felt fully satisfied that everything was in it's rightful home. It felt good and I was excited by all the changes. The nice thing about working there is that we all get to stretch our creative muscles whenever we feel like it.

For me I kicked things off last week when I stamped these feathers with love notes and made a display for them in old bottles on a vanity mirror. We got the idea from a magazine and once I got going with it I couldn't stop!

 And then I start moving and rearranging and decorating. Decorating these chalkboards were a fun way to slow down and do some drawing.
 I also have some of my feathers on sale and doing signage for items is one of my favorite things to do.
 This is the wall that started it all.
 I'm a sucker for butterflies and always love gathering them all in one spot. That little nook in the wall is one of my favorite spaces in the store. It was fun making that spot active.

 The owner is always pushing me creatively.  She gave me a cardboard cone and asked me to do something with it. Normally I would fret for days before starting something like that but with this I dove headfirst and did things without questioning it. It was a good lesson in making work. Just go for it!
 This was the last wall I finished.  I have to admit I was dreading it because of how high I needed to get on the ladder. There might have been a few moments were I only had one foot solidly on a rung and I was holding my breath to keep myself steady. Scary scary but I think it was a good workout for my abs.

And now I have the next two days off.  I plan on applying that same energy from work toward my studio practice.  I got my errands done so now it is time to create.

Last night I met with a couple of gals and we started tossing around plans for excitement in the future.  It's time for me to start being more proactive about my art career. I'm ready. Lets do this!

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