Monday, January 14, 2013

The One Where She Says Love Way Too Much

I've been planning this love letter to the show Girls for some time now. I promise this is not prompted by the show Golden Globe win, though I have to admit when I read that this morning I let out a squeal. I am so excited for this show and happy that Lena Dunham is getting the kudos she deserves.

I know I'm a little late in the game on this one. I read articles and facebook statuses for months about Girls and why some love it and some hate it and I was dying to watch it but I didn't have access until it came out on DVD. When I got it for Christmas it took me a while to finally sit down and watch it because I was afraid I would love it too much or wouldn't love it at all.

I was also afraid I would have the reaction that I had which is to say, "Ohmygod that's totally my life." I was kind of embarrassed to be that girl but the truth is, it's the truth. Lena did too great of a job of depicting my early twenties.  I cringed when she did stupid stuff because it reminded me of too many stupid things I did (ok I still do stupid stuff.) 

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 I also love the friendships that are depicted.  They fight, sure, but they love each other. I was and am still super lucky to have such amazing girlfriends that help me navigate this world. We all fantasize about one day living on this great big beautiful friendship artsy commune where we can all be next door neighbors and have themed bbqs like "Under the Sea" and "Purple Rain."

I love this show because I related to so much that happens and the fact that so many other women/girls relate to it makes me realize we are all in this together with our shared experiences.  When I was younger I used to think my life was so crazy in that way that younger people think they are the only person that ever existed and crazy things only ever happen to them. I thought my problems were unique to me. Realizing as I get older that they were not unique at all doesn't bother me, it only makes me feel relieved. I'm not the only one who needs to burn diaries for fear that someone may read them 100 years from now and think I was the world's lamest lame.  This show makes me feel like I have a collective friendship with all the girls who ever felt like this could be about them.

When I was in college obviously my show to watch and dissect and try to be like was Sex and the City. I wore so many cheap high heels from Payless during that time.  But that show was more like the life I fantasized about. Girls was the life I was having. I wish this show had been around back then.  Maybe it would have helped everything make more sense. Or maybe I would not have truly been able to appreciate it without perspective.  And maybe when I'm forty I will be so embarrassed by the things I was saying and doing in my thirties. Who knows.
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 If you haven't seen it check out Lena Dunham's first film Tiny Furniture. It's not a movie for everyone but if Girls is your jam this movie will be like it's slightly older sister that comes home from college and does nothing but eat all the food in the fridge.
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Unknown said...

I LOVE this post, Ann! Makes me think so many things. Makes me want to watch this show! Haven't heard of it before now, but it sounds right up my alleyway. I cringe at all my old diaries' writings... too bad the drawings are okay, or I would have burned them by now. Sometimes I still want to... eek!


I line the show very much thanks Ann. Love way too much. xo
~ Mehul
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