Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Inspiration Wednesday

In an effort to focus on what truly inspires me I hope to post once a week on something that gets my heart beating fast.  We all know how that usually ends up when I try to do any kind of regular post but I am defiant in the face of my predictability.  Here goes.

I know that this is a whole lotta hipster action in this video but I like it. It's an old one by Jinja Safari but I just discovered it. I like the aesthetic, hipster or not. I want to dress up as a woodland creature and run through the forest with all my friends. Who doesn't?

1 comment:

robayre said...

Reading your description of this music video reminded me of the music video for Sigur Ros's Glósóli. My friend Bri and I wanted to stylize our entire wardrobe (if not my life) to be inspired by that music video.