Friday, January 11, 2013

Pen to Paper, Fingers to Keyboard Keys

I feel so restless today! It's a shame, too, because I started the day early and successfully by running errands that needed to be done. And then I should have cleaned my bathroom but I decided that would take too much time so I ate a sandwich instead.

Now, once again, as seems to be the theme here, I've been restlessly pacing my studio.  I have a lot on my  mind and it's making me too jumbly to do anything but sit in different seats in the room and frantically scroll through pinterest on my phone. But I did do a little painting of a moth so that seems like something.

I just got a television in my studio and I think it's a good thing.  It, at the very least, helps lure me from the couch upstairs to my drawing table. I keep watching true crime shows and they are making me so mega paranoid. That might be a bad thing.

 Check out this beautiful soap that my sweet co-worker friend gave me for my birthday. It smells so beautiful and looks so lovely. I used the flowers as inspiration for my paintings.

While I was in my hometown my husband and I went on several wacky adventures to flea markets and peddlers malls. I scored big with this amazing horse sign. The tag said it was an "Amish Luck Sign" which... really?   This feels way too Sailor Jerry but I am curious about it's origins. Anyone know anything about this?  I noticed A.J. Fosik used this same sign in one of his pieces so that immediately made me feel lucky.
A.J. Fosik piece via The Constant Gatherer
 I did actually do something neat today.  I painted glitter hearts inside these jars and will paint the rest of the jar gold once it dries. I thought it would be nice to make some Valentine jars.  Maybe by Valentine's day 2014 I'll finish them and by 2015 I'll start thinking about getting them into my shop.

I feel like I need a life coach who will kick this aimless, low self esteemy, restlesness out of me.  I'm doing my best to do it myself but I really do think I could make a great TLC show.

Happy Weekend!


Hannah said...

I feel the same way, Ann! Let me know if you find a good life coach. Will you send me your address? That "luck sign" you posted reminds me of a little item I have that I would love to send to you. It's the kind of thing I couldn't just give to Goodwill, and I couldn't see a reason to hang on to anymore, either, but I think it will be perfect for you.

Hope feel inspired soon!

crackerjaxshop said...

Awwww...I think some of it the after is January bluezzzzzzzzzz

Unknown said...