Friday, June 12, 2009

Etsy One Year Anniversary Giveaway!

On June 20th I will have had my Etsy shop for one year!  To celebrate I'm giving away this handpulled lithograph print.  If you're not that familliar with the lithograph process check it out here.  As some of you know I'm in a bind without a digital camera so I took some quick snapshots of the print with iphoto for now.  Better pictures to come.  And I can't find my ruler so I can give exact measurements but it's a bit larger than 8"x10".  The piece is called Ghost Home and is marked as an artist proof. The edition was limited and some of the prints will turn into monoprints.  Please click on the links to learn more about printmaking, that's what I'm in grad school for!
Okay, so how do you win the print? Go to my Etsy shop and tell me your favorite piece.  What do you like about it?  Also major love will be given out if you post a link of this giveaway to your blog.  On June 20th I will randomly select one of the comments using the number pulled out of the hat trick.  I'm very excited about this and hope you are, too!  More pics to come of this print, I promise!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

I love "Fat" since it kind of looks like a mirror and you look at it and think you're fat... but it's an award!

And the greenhouse garden house, I find it moving because it looks like someone a hundred years ago wrote the words and pressed flowers to keep... and then you find it much much later and start to think about the person who made it.

I'm going to post a link on my blog later or tomorrow since Saturdays are super calm in blogland! I like your print a lot - unexpected to see black and white coming from you!

The Stewart Stuff said...

I like Pretty Face Home because it appears multi-layered. Very unique and different!
-10oneworld & SedonaShots on Etsy

dsfsdfs said...

i really like ghost land 5.

Carapace said...

My favorite thing in your shop right now is your Greenhouse Garden House! How on Earth did you get the images on the tea bags? I'd love to know. Either way, it inspires me to make a Tea Painting! Yay, muses!:D

I love that you're getting your degree in printmaking, too-- it's absolutely an art to itself!


Jennifer Hayes Hugon said...

Way fun! How generous of you...

For me it is a tooth and nail battle between Haunted Houses and Hellcat.

Both pieces have such amazing depth. I am partial to layering (in music and art!) and these pieces abound with rich layers of texture, color and form giving them a complexity that builds a narrative.

Enough "artspeak"... these 2 ROCK!

I will link to your giveaway as well.


belinda marshall said...

congrats on your first year!

my favourite is this one:
and i'm so predictable but i love the colours and your style :)

Amanda said...

Ok, i'm so hearting your shop! :) My favorite is Soft Birthdays. I love the colors and the cohesive design.

Amanda said...

I also blogged about this here:

Cindy said...
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Cindy said...

My favorite is Hellcat. My Etsy shop is hellcatvintage. hehe ;)

clogzilla (at) yahoo (dot) com

Christina said...

It's so bright and interesting, I like it!!
-Christina, coffeeandcream at etsy